Welcome to your first module in the Early Stages course. 

This module is focused on supporting you at the Diagnosis phase of your Inherited Sight Loss Condition and the impact it can have on your wellbeing. 

We will be going through the basics of wellbeing to begin with, how it is structured in our lives and how we can begin this course by really concentrating on the elements of our lives that positively contribute towards our wellbeing.

Let’s get started by watching the video. After the video, there are some activities for you to download and complete before moving on to the next module.

Next, after watching the video. It’s time to start on this week’s activities which you will find below. 

Before downloading and making a start on the activities, if you haven’t already, it’s worth setting up a folder in your computer or on the files in your phone to safely store these activities so you can revisit them again in the future. 

These documents are accessible Microsoft Word documents, if you aren’t used to Word, you may need to learn a little about Microsoft 365 before you access the activities in full. 

At the end of each activity, there will be button that bring you back to the module. You will need to hold ‘Control’ on your keyboard and click your mouse at the same time.

Once you have gone through and completed the activities, please mark this module as ‘Complete’ and move on to the next part.