New Normal

Welcome to our final module in the Early Stages course. 

Once this module is completed, you will be able to go back and forth throughout the course to revisit anything, download more resources and refresh your memory on any aspect of the course. 

The New Normal is when you get to a point where you have accepted your situation, have a strong support network in place, different services supporting you and your wellbeing behaviours are fully embedded into your life. 

This is a really positive moment, however, all the five elements of the Inherited Sight Loss journey are fluid. You may experience a Point of Impact which puts you into the Keep Calm and Carry On phase.

We can use this opportunity to run through everything we have covered, ensuring that, before we finish, you have everything in place and know how to independently make adjustments in the future but also know you can reach out to us if you need to. 

Below, you will find run throughs of each of the Activities and Check Ins that we have covered and can continue to do to keep your wellbeing not only consistent, but improving. 

After you have completed these activities, please go through to complete the final questionnaire, this really helps us to understand how impactful these courses are being to you and the community. 

Remember, these activities will download onto your device. If you haven’t already, it’s worth setting up a folder in your computer or on the files in your phone to safely store these activities so you can revisit them again in the future. 

The first activity below is a new activity to complete, the rest are from throughout the course so you are able to come back and find everything in one place.

Positive Behaviour Activities

Communication Activities

Additional Tools

Once you have gone through and completed the activities, please mark this module as ‘Complete’ and finish the course.

Thank you so much for taking this course and Retina UK will be in touch with you via email so please check your junk over the next few days for that extra information.